Privacy-First Organisations: SimpleLogin

SimpleLogin is a privacy-focused email service provider that offers users a secure and decentralized way to manage their email accounts.

Its headquarters are in France.

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We're on a mission to protect our online privacy, starting with email address. SimpleLogin is an open source email aliasing service that allows you to receive and send emails anonymously. Based in France, SimpleLogin has helped 50,000+ people protect their mailboxes against spams, phishing and data breaches. SimpleLogin project was started in 2019 and the SimpleLogin company (SimpleLogin SAS) was created in 2020. Since the beginning, the project was open source and has received multiple contributions from the community. At the beginning of 2022, SimpleLogin joined Proton, a Swiss privacy company best known for Proton Mail (the world’s largest encrypted email service) and Proton VPN (one of the world’s largest VPN services).

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