Job: P2P Node.JS Engineer at Holepunch

P2P Node.JS Engineer

Holepunch is a platform that allows anyone to create apps that don't use servers, such as Keet, a peer-to-peer chat app.

London , United Kingdom

Job description

About Holepunch

At Holepunch, we’re building a peer-to-peer development platform that lets you build apps that don’t require infrastructure. No servers whatsoever. Holepunch apps can be deployed to users directly from the machine you develop on, and scale effortlessly. Since servers are removed from the equation, users retain full control over the data they create, keeping things maximally private. The benefits of peer-to-peer are innumerable, and we envision a world where everything is peer-to-peer by default. We’ve started demonstrating what this future will look like with Keet, our P2P communications app.

Holepunch is built on a battle-hardened, Node.js-based technology stack we’ve built called Hypercore, which provides the basic machinery for establishing peer-to-peer connections and replicating data in a fashion similar to BitTorrent. 

Currently looking for: 

P2P Node.js Engineer (Remote)

We're big fans of Node.js — Holepunch is built on it. During this next growth phase, we could use your help to expand and strengthen our core P2P networking and storage primitives. Our P2P technology covers a wide surface area, so if the parts of this following tech profile fits you, we’d love to talk to you.

Job requirements

  • Significant experience with Node.js

  • Experience with native programming such as C/C++

  • Experience with networking such as TCP/UDP.

  • Working with low-level filesystem APIs

  • Experience with decentralized systems such as DHTs, distributed databases etc.

  • Experience working with a remote team

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